White South African teens wrestle with an uncertain identity. An extreme right-wing group is teaching young Afrikaners to eschew Nelson Mandela's vision of a multicultural rainbow nation. The fringe group Kommandokorps, led by old-apartheid leader Franz Jooste, organizes camps in school holidays where Afrikaner teenagers learn to defend themselves against crime in South Africa. But that's not all. They learn they are their own people - not South Africans but Afrikaners - that shouldn't integrate in the new democratic South Africa.

This multimedia production by journalist/videographer Elles van Gelder & photojournalist Ilvy Njiokiktjien won the World Press Photo Multimedia Award 2012.


Documentary: Place of Light

Bram Janssen & Elles van Gelder

Downtown Johannesburg is conceived to be a dangerous place. But the city is slowly changing. “Place of Light" is a story of innovation and risk taking, of pitting historical city decay against the innovation of young entrepreneurial minds. How do you bring back the pulse of downtown Johannesburg and plant a place of creativity, business and living back into the inner city? A story of a pioneering development project by a group of young people, as well as a look into the context of regeneration in the Johannesburg landscape.


From your correspondent: Live crossings

Examples of live crossing from Johannesburg.


School TV/NTR: Wereld in vogelvlucht

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Educatief programma over Johannesburg voor NTR/School TV. Met Bart Meijer (presentatie) en Bram Janssen (camera)


Rhino Massacres


A feature for Dutch current affairs programme EenVandaag on the poaching of rhinos in South Africa.

Neushoorns, officieel zijn ze beschermd, maar in Zuid-Afrika worden ze elk jaar met honderden afgeknald. Stropers en smokkelaars slachtten vorig jaar 448 neushoorns af en elk jaar worden het er meer. Natuurbeschermers en parkopzichters in Zuid-Afrika komen nu met opvallende, nieuwe oplossingen. Maar kunnen ze daarmee de vuile oorlog in de wildernis winnen?


Mandela de Bokser


Ter ere van Nelson Mandela’s 94ste verjaardag, verschijnt het boek “Schaduwboksen” van Erik Brouwer waaruit blijkt dat Mandela een fervent liefhebber van de bokssport is. Wat weinig mensen weten is dat Madiba zijn jonge jaren bokste met de grootste kampioenen van zijn tijd. We volgen zijn spoor als bokser in Nederland (Jan Willem Bloem) en Zuid-Afrika (Elles van Gelder).


Metropolis TV - Supernanny

Metropolis compares remarkable stories from the daily lives of citizens all over the world on various themes. This show focuses on how you raise children in different countries. In South Africa every family that can afford it has a nanny. Greg and Marinda have two daughthers and their own supernanny Conny. A feature in collaboration with Bram Janssen.


Chickenmama Regina

Regina moved from the South African countryside to one of the townships of Johannesburg. Now she sells what she thinks of as the underappreciated parts of the hens: the feet, the necks and the intestines. The locals love what she has to offer and with the 10 dollars a day she makes, she provides for her 11 children and her grandchildren.

Metropolis compares remarkable stories from the daily lives of citizens all over the world on various themes. This show was on chicken.


Metropolis TV - Mr Gay World

Wendelinus is a proud African gay man. When he told his father he was gay he was sent to a mental institution. Now he participates in Mr Gay World, a competition for African gay men, to raise awareness about being gay in Africa. A feature in collaboration with Bram Janssen.

Metropolis compares remarkable stories from the daily lives of citizens all over the world on various themes. This show was on being gay.


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